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4 Foods You Need to Try At Your Next Tailgate

  Yeah, hamburgers and hotdogs and casseroles are cool, but are you craving something different this football season? Forget the grilled chicken of last season and instead try these cool new foods to beef up your tailgate parties.   1. French fries This particular fry recipe only calls for three toppings: bacon bits, cheese, and green […]

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Sweets on the Sidelines: 7 Tailgating Desserts Shaped Like Footballs

  Yes, desserts are great by themselves. But desserts at tailgates are even better. And even better than desserts at tailgates? Desserts at tailgates shaped like footballs. Get in the spirit of the game with these 8 treats shaped like your old pigskin.   1. Football brownies These might be the easiest tailgating desserts of […]

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Breakfast Tailgate Roundup: 5 Foods You Need at Your Next Early Morning Cookout

        1. Chocolate Croissant Breakfast Bake Satisfy your early morning sweet tooth with this cookie breakfast casserole. Not only can it be served hot or cold, it’s easy to make and can be prepped the night before the big game. Plus, did we mention you basically get to eat a giant, early […]

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