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These Tailgating Taco Bars Will Change Your Life

Here at Gutterpy, we take Mexican tailgating food very seriously. After all, what is life without tacos? And what are tacos without variation? And what is variation without variety? Look, what we’re saying is these taco bars will change your life, that’s all. Check ’em:     Walking tacos If you’ve ever been to a […]

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7 Signs You Need a New Tailgating Tent

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  1. Every time it rains while you’re tailgating, you become inexplicably soaking wet, even when standing beneath the tent. Might be that giant hole in the tent fabric, but you aren’t quite sure.   2. You’ve done the math and there’s about a 36% chance the tent will stay standing throughout the duration of […]

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4 Tailgating Toss Games That Aren’t Cornhole

  If you’re a tailgating expert like us, you could win a game of cornhole in your sleep. You have eight different sets of custom cornhole boards painted with your team’s logo in your garage. You’ve played cornhole so many times it’s turned into a hollow shell of a tailgating activity. Toss. Score. Drink. Repeat. […]

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