Hi, I’m Andy!

...a retired naval officer and engineer.

I’m the creator of Gutterpy.  I’m also an entrepreneur and a guy who couldn’t hack it as a retired naval officer.

I used to own a tailgate equipment rental company and got tired of fixing cheap retail canopies damaged by wind and rain.  I had witnessed so many canopies collapse on people I felt it was time to fix the problem, so I created Gutterpy.

I believed I could solve this frustrating problem by building a better canopy but it had to be made of stronger fabric and the frame had to be well-designed and made of sturdier material.  Finally, I would have to integrate a built-in gutter system into the canopy just like gutters on a house.

I’m a serious tinker-er.

So, I got to tinkering!  After watching a few YouTube videos, teaching myself to sew, experimenting with different fabrics, and testing countless versions, I finally settled on a design.  Months later with a soaring water bill and cracked hands I finally completed Gutterpy.

The Gutterpy was born.